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And Now I lay me down to sleep...

Dream A Dream *Dirty Mix*

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[_~*~The True Master Of The Pervy Lands~*~_]


1) If a person posts icons and wishes for crediting then give it to them. This isn't pre-school kiddies. We need to share and show appreciation.

2) If anyone desires for there to be contests then there can be. But you must give detailed instructions and an example for the participants to follow. Everyone has permission to start a contest.

3) If you join my community just to advertize than you shall be banned. Get it? Got it. Good.

4) If ur pic is large and possibly above the size of 200 by 300 pixels then you must use a lj cut or fake cut. Either is fine, just don't make my community look all weird and junk when you see a huge pic and little entry boxes after that. Just use commen sense people.

5)Take only ONE code please. It's not actually a problem to me. But for the sake of just using common sense, only use one. You'd look like a retard if you used like 3. There's just no need for stupidity when it comes to this.

6) I don't really care for rules so there arn't many. The point is be fair. This community is for variety. You may post wallpapers, layouts, screen caps, color bars, FO banners, icons, fanfics, poetry etc...It does NOT have to be from an anime. Show your artwork. Be creative ^__~)


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